2018 Nissan GT-R Track Pack – Upcoming Nissan Cars


2018 Nissan GT-R Track Pack – When launched the new 2018 GT-R, Nissan also released minor details on an additional Track Pack model that would add an “an extra edge on the race track.” Now, The Company has finally offered up the official details on this racing package, including the fact that it is already available for order. The Japanese Automaker has just released its right-hand-drive Nissan GT-R Track Pack for the Japan, UK, Australia and South Africa markets this month. While initial reports suggested that the Track Pack is intended as a right-hand-drive exclusive, Nissan has announced that the hard-core package will be available in left-handed markets as well. Continue reading “2018 Nissan GT-R Track Pack – Upcoming Nissan Cars”

2018 Nissan Z – Upcoming Cars from Nissan

2018 nissan 370z uhd wallpaper blue color

2018 Nissan Z – One of the most popular and recognized Japanese sports cars ever is Nissan’s Z car. The 2018 Nissan 370Z. Part of the evolution may include hybrid power as Japanese and world automakers are caught in the green wave of environmental responsibility that has become a priority. The 370Z didn’t need a big overhaul, as it’s still the most handsome vehicle in Nissan’s lineup. Thankfully, Nissan didn’t attempt to fix what wasn’t broken, leaving the 2018 Z’s iconic shape largely remain the same. Continue reading “2018 Nissan Z – Upcoming Cars from Nissan”