2018 Ford Mustang GT Review and Specs

2018 Ford Mustang GT Review and Specs

2018 Ford Mustang GT Review and Specs – 2018 Ford Mustang GT Price – Under the hood there will be the same 302 cubic in . 32 control device V8 that makes 412 HP as well as 390 lb-ft of torque whilst coming back an extremely economical 25 MPG on the road. The actual engine is actually mated to a standard 6-speed manual, but also the 6-speed automatic emerges being an choice, The base Ford Mustang GT gets a cost drop of $500 for that 2018 design year, bringing the 5.0 ‘stang’s starting price down to $29,995.

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Ahead of Ford’s prepared public launch day for its 2018 Ford mustang lineup pricing, particulars have found their own way online that demonstrate a price decrease for the bottom design 5.0-liter powered GT, along with some function changes and value adjustments down and up over the selection.

for a car having a huge V8 creating 390 lb-ft of twisting, the clutch is actually surprisingly gentle — and also the pickup is right off the floor, producing the 5.0 an easy vehicle they are driving within stop and go traffic. Actually, what’s really astonishing concerning the Mustang is just how processed as a whole it’s turn out to be – still it provides outstanding overall performance for the money and a piece of real Americana, however no longer is it necessary to suffer a broken-chicken-leg shifter, Taurus controls, and a Tupperware inside to have it.

Except for Ford’s very discreet SYNC system, the 2018Ford Mustang GT ragtop I drove this week satisfied my personal wishes with simplicity, such as its buttons to manage audio and environment functions. Upcoming Cars The existence of conventional switchgear and full instrumentation would be a rejuvenating discover, and frankly, I wouldn’t need it any other way in this type of auto.

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2018 Ford Taurus Review and Price – Upcoming Ford Taurus Features


2018 Ford Taurus Review and Specs – 2018 Ford Taurus Price Unavailable – The actual Taurus is going to be recently provided with a couple.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost (turbocharged) engine making 237 hp as well as 250 lb-ft of torque and delivering “at minimum 31 mpg on the highway,” promises Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice-president with regard to product. It will, like all Taurus engines, end up being mated with a six-speed automatic transmission.



Taurus purchasers nevertheless looking for 2 additional cylinders will be able to choose Ford’s revamped 3.5-liter V-6, that acts duty because the regular engine. The actual updated 6 is estimated to provide 290 horsepower (up by 27 hp) and 255 pound-feet along with somewhat better fuel economy, many thanks mainly to the addition associated with Ti-VCT, Ford’s double independent adjustable camshaft time technology.

Within the 2018 Ford Taurus, the 290-horsepower version of this exact same V-6 will remain standard, but it provides double independent adjustable camshaft timing, getting it up to date along with current upgrades for that 2013 Ford Mustang, this year Ford Flex and Lincoln subsequently MKX, as well as 2013 Ford F-150. A 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo 4 is going to be optionally available, producing 237 horsepower as well as 250 pound-feet of torque.

Ford also will update the Taurus with the company’s complete variety of electro-wizardry, such as the not-universally-loved MyFord Touch infotainment program as well as Curve Control, sort of predictive stability control that slows the vehicle if the driver key in a large part too quickly. As is the fashion these days, Ford is including LED taillights.

2018 Ford Taurus Specs

Type 3.5-liter DOHC Ti-VCT V6 2 . 0 – l i t e r t u r b o c h a r g e d E c o Boost™ I-4
Manufacturing location Lima Engine Plant, Lima, Ohio V a l e n c i a E ngine Plant, Valencia, Spain
Configuration Aluminum block and heads A l u m i n u m block and head
Valvetrain DOHC, four valves per cylinder D O H C , f o u r valves per cylinder
Bore x stroke 92.5 x 86.7 mm 87.5 x 83.1 mm
Displacement 3,497 cc 1,999 cc
Compression ratio 10.8:1 9 . 3 : 1
Horsepower 290 @ 6500 rpm (estimated) 237 @ 5,500 rpm (estimated)
Torque 255 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm (estimated) 2 5 0 l b . – f t . @ 1,750-4,000 rpm (estimated)
Fuel injection Sequential multiport electronic Direct injection
Oil capacity 6.0 quarts with filter 5.7 quarts with filter
TRANSMISSION – Standard Six-speed automatic, 6F50 Six-speed automatic, 6F35
First First 4.484 4.584 First 4.484 4.584
Second 2.872 2.964 2.872 2.964
Third 1.842 1.912
Fourth 1.414 1.446
Fifth 1000 1000
Sixth 0.742 0.746
Reverse -2.882 2.943
Final drive 3.16:1 FWD and 3.39:1 AWD 3.07:1

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